RBI (Risk Based Inspection) For Onshore Plant


RBI (Risk Based Inspection) For Onshore Plant

RBI (Risk-Based Inspection) method represents the next generation of inspection approaches and
interval setting, recognizing that the ultimate goal of inspection is the safety and reliability of operating
facilities. RBI, as a risk-based approach, focuses attention specifically on the equipment and associated
deterioration mechanisms which represent the most risk to the facility.
As the part of the ongoing technical services of RBI (Risk Based Inspection) study for our Client,
PT Trihasco Utama in cooperation with TWI have performed a RBI assessment of piping and pressure
vessels located at Sumatera


Scope of Work


The process of RBI Study consisted of a logical and systematic approach to manage the
plant’s integrity by focusing the management action in prioritizing resources on critical equipment.
It required a wide range of data to reliably assess the equipment’s probability and consequence
of failure and subsequently develop an inspection and/or mitigation plan to manage the risk.
Step of The RBI Study is performed as described bellow:



- Defining team members

- Building initial database for RISKWISE™.

• Collect data and inf ormation to generate asset register
• Define assumption f or data and information which is not a vailable
• Create asset register .
• Collect inspection histor y then summarize and enter the summar y into theRISKWISE database.
• Site visit to verify RBI scope and collect incomplete data undertake Damage Mechanism review

, determine Remaining Life and input data into RISKWISE™. Potential Damage Mechanisms for each component were identified based on the design, operating data, inspection results and expert judgment.

- RBI Assessment:

• Conduct risk assessment by determination of the likelihood and consequence of failure LoF and CoF)
• Risk profile review (discuss with Client)
• Inspection and mitigation planning.
• Implementing inspection and mitigation plan




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